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2019 CAA-NRC protesters: UP court imposes fine on 86 accused in first verdict

Amroha: A court in Uttar Pradesh in its first verdict on the 2019 CAA-NRC violence, imposed a fine of Rs 4,27,439 on all the 86 accused. Each accused will have to pay Rs 4971 as a fine, said Amroha District Magistrate (DM), BK Tripathi on Friday.

All the accused have been fined in connection with the damage to public property of the police department during the CAA-NRC violence in December 2019.

“The Uttar Pradesh Public and Private Property Damage Recovery, Claims Tribunal Meerut has ordered to send a court notice to all the accused and make recovery,” said Amroha DM.

The Uttar Pradesh government brought a law in this regard in 2020. This is the first decision of the Claims Tribunal in UP after the enactment of the Act.

In Amroha, on December 20, 2019, an angry mob pelted stones, vandalized and indulged in arson during a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Bill. During this, the miscreants broke the riot control equipment of the police by pelting stones and many police vehicles were set on fire.

The Inspector in charge of Amroha police station told the government that miscreants have damaged government property worth Rs 4,42,439. In this regard, a report was sent to the Claims Tribunal through the Gazetted Officer (CO) of the Police for action.

Police registered a case and identified the miscreants and the details of the damage done by them have also been written in the report. Value-wise details of damaged goods have also been given in the order of the Claims Tribunal.

Muslims across the country staged a protest after the Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in Parliament on December 12, 2019 and soon after fierce demonstrations were held against it in several cities of Uttar Pradesh.

During these fierce demonstrations, violent clashes also took place between the protesters and the police, in which public and private property were damaged.

In this case, the Uttar Pradesh government had also issued notices to several Muslim leaders involved in the protest to compensate for the loss and government erected hoarding containing photographs and details of persons accused for violence.

As per the reports, police had registered a case against 55 named and 1500 unidentified in the violence in Amroha.

“The court has taken action against all the accused and soon the fine will also be recovered. All the parties have been heard and the decision has been given following the Act,” the DM added.

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