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A Muslim family constructed and later renovated a Shiv temple

Setting an example of harmony and ‘Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb’ of the country, on 15th August, 1973, the day of Independence, Babu Khan (Sarpanch of village Charonda, Raipur, Chhatisgarh) constructed a Shiv temple. The family of Khan continued to extend support in the form of funds and other assistance to the temple and temple board. Later, in due course of time, when the temple became dilapidated, his son Gafoor Khan arranged Rs. 15 lakhs and got the temple renovated, rather in a more grand form. The Muslim family continues to attend daily Keertan and other congregations in the temple with devotion, marking communal harmony/brotherly equations between Hindus and Muslims of the area.

Kerala temple open doors to Muslims for ‘Bakr-Eid prayers

Setting an example of communal harmony and mutual tolerance, Authorities of Purappillikkav Rakteswari temple at Eravathur, Mala, Thrissur district, opened temple doors for flood hit marooned Muslims to offer ‘Bakr-Eid’ prayers while the Kochukadav Mahal Mosque was submerged in the worst ever flood in the state. The temple management also set up a relief camp and provided needed amenities to the Muslim brethren. The prayer included the special mention for the flood hit people of the state.

 A Hindu family renovated and maintains ‘Amanati Masjid’ in Barasat, W.B.

In 1964, a migrated Hindu family from Bangladesh found a 500 years old dilapidated/ramshackle mosque on his exchanged property in Barasat, 25 kms. of Kolkata, W.B. and got it renovated, against the advise of Hindu neighbourhood to demolish it. The family named the mosque ‘Amanati Masjid’ in memory of ‘Pir Amanat Shah – a popular eighteenth century faqueer. Hindus, Muslims and Christians are the firm believers in the ‘healing power’ of prayers offered in the mosque, besides attending all religious functions there, making the place a microcosm of multiculturalism of the country.

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