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A small girl’s motivational speech on Namaz goes viral

Mohammed Hussain

A little girl appeared in the video went viral. Child by name Fatima Batool has given a motivational speech in her exhaustive way on the benefits of namaz on a TV serial in Pak. In the small video clip of two minutes girl spoke about the importance of namaz, success by namaz and Muslims are required to pray five times a day. Allah (SWT) has said in a Quran that Aqeemus Salat (Namaz) (Worship).

Namaz – Salah is the second pillar of Islam after Shahadah (Faith). Moreover, she read poetry lines on namaz which has attracted millions of people and she prayed that every Mulsim must worship the God, girl in the video also says about the health benefits by offering namaz.

Now that the holy month Ramadan is completed Muslims slowly may start disappearing from mosques and less people are seen, but it is said that the video of Fatima Batool may change many of them and they goanna worship five times a day hopefully.

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