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Abhi muddon ke baarein mein sochna shuru nahi kiya hai: BJP’s Arun Govil

Two days have passed since the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Lok Sabha candidate for Meerut constituency Arun Govil drew flak for his campaigning style seeking votes in the name of Lord Rama. The actor-turned-politician ignited another controversy suggesting that discussions about Meerut’s issues will take place after he wins the elections.

A video of the BP candidate’s chat with a local reporter has gone viral on social media platforms with many criticising Govil’s lack of knowledge about issues faced by Meerut’s residents.

When the local reporter asked if the BJP candidate knew Meerut’s issues, Goviul replied, “Mudde ki baath baad mein aayegi. Abhi tho meine muddon ke baarein mein sochna shuru nahi kiya hai. Abhi cho sir per chunav hai. Chunav ek baar ho aaye, phir sab milkar bethenge, unki problems sunege…then strategies karaeinge… then we will do it.”

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The above sentence translates to: The issues of Meerut will be addressed later. Right now, I haven’t even begun to think about the issues. Currently, the election is at the forefront. Once the election is over, we will all come together, listen to their problems, and work on resolving them.

Govil’s answer has generated strong disapproval from Opposition leaders and common citizens. X exploded with many rebuking Govil for his insensitive comments about his constituency.

Here are some of them:

An X user commented: Saar is so humble, he doesn’t need to understand the problems to fight an election. He has the solution of how to win.

Another X user said

Another X user said, “What about the issues!!! Make him an MP and then we will see. There are such candidates. People of Meerut have got a very “fantastic” option.@RaghavTrivedi18 They also do something amazing. Instead of taking blessings from “Ram”, they try to get answers.#ArunGovil

Another X user said, “BJP candidate in UP! Media: sir, what’s the major demand from people? Rama actor from TV Ramayana (Arun Govil): haven’t thought about it, now just focused on the election!”

Another X user said, “Arun Govil is the BJP’s candidate in Meerut, UP. He is known for playing the role of Lord Ram on TV. Lord Ram is also a part of his election campaign. How is this not seeking votes in the name of religion?”

Two days ago, Govil, renowned for his portrayal of Lord Ram in the iconic TV series Ramayan during the 1990s, conducted a roadshow in Meerut where he was spotted holding an image of Hindu deity Rama, a move that has drawn criticism and raised concerns over potential MCC violations.

Drawing parallels between his iconic portrayal of Lord Ram and his political aspirations, Govil is heard stating, “Ram ji returned home on January 22, who portrayed the character of Ram ji? That was me, Arun Govil, returning to my home. Now, it is the duty of the people here to show their faith in Ram ji.”

Model Code of Conduct

The Election Commission of India (ECI) enforces the Model Code of Conduct (MCC), a set of regulations designed to govern the behaviour of political parties and candidates during elections. Implemented upon the announcement of the election schedule, the MCC remains in force until the conclusion of the polls.

The primary objective of the Code of Conduct is to uphold the integrity of elections by ensuring a fair and equitable environment for all political entities and candidates. It prohibits various activities, including:

  1. Making appeals for votes based on religious, caste, or community affiliations.
  2. Utilising government resources for election campaigning.
  3. Promising financial benefits or public welfare schemes.
  4. Engaging in acts of corruption or bribery.
  5. Employing defamatory or derogatory language against opponents.
  6. Using places of worship, such as mosques, churches, or temples, for election propaganda.
  7. Erecting posters or banners in restricted areas.
  8. Operating loudspeakers or other sound amplification devices beyond specified noise limits.
  9. Importantly, the ECI possesses the authority to impose temporary campaign bans on leaders found to have violated the MCC.

The Hindutva policy of the BJP has come under fire for inflaming intercommunal strife and weakening India’s secularism pledge. These worries are heightened by the employment of religious symbols in political campaigns, such as the image of Lord Shree Rama in Govil’s campaign.

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