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Adani Group completes first phase of ‘twinning’ of T-2 at Thiruvananthapuram Airport

Thiruvananthapuram: The Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, run by the Adani Group, has successfully completed the first stage of “twinning” of its international terminal (T-2).

This is perhaps the first time that such an attempt has been made for a brownfield airport in the country.

A ‘digital twin’ has been created in BIM (Building Information Modeling) with a Scan to BIM strategy.

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The entire T2 building, the service utility building, and a site spanning around 10 acres were scanned using LIDAR and GPR devices, while a team of architects and engineers worked round-the-clock for three months to create the digital twin – also called the Airport Asset Information (AIM).

The existing buildings, utilities, and the buried services of the legacy infrastructure have been recreated digitally.

The AIM will now be used by the designers for the renovation and upgrading of the present infrastructure.

These digital models capture the real world down to the minute details, enabling future-ready tech to be deployed for planning, facility management, and sustainability.

These high-fidelity models are embedded with rich data, which can seamlessly integrate with all the airport systems – enhancing security, improving passenger experience and operating efficiencies of the airline operators.

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