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After IS’s defeat: Need is to decimate its radical ideology

The fall of Baghouz, is the most significant development and having implications for anti-terrorism on global terror. Not only decimation of IS but more important its appeal of Caliphate has been defeated. However, adherents of terror outfits like ISIS are steadfast in their belief, ‘victory and defeat is not measured in this world but in the rewards to come in the hereinafter life and it was the God’s will to establish Shariah Law in the world’. Still, they defined this defeat in the hands of Kafirs/western powers’ crusade as hiatus and Allah will bless them for another Jihad to establish the dreamt Caliphate through IS and the terrorists organization of its ilk. Notwithstanding this relief in view of the reckless violence, inhuman killings, sex slaves, in doctrination of innocent youths by the ISIS, the disappearance of IS territory is not the decimation of its radical/terror ideology and appeal of caliphate. Moreover, due to lack of confirmation of the death of Baghdadi, it is apprehended that the IS suicide bombers/lone wolves would fan out around the world especially in western countries to spread violence. As is being reported, IS followers lament, ‘they killed our women and kids, we will do the same to regain our land’ and soon a new generation of Jihadis would take retribution from West and their stooges in the Muslim countries/among Muslims. Ironically, president Trump’s hope of defeating ISIS decisively appears a temporary one as the proscribed organization crippled should have been nipped by one and all. The ISIS’s creed was set out in the jurisprudence of blood like Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, providing justification for suicide bombing and killing innocent civilians, including women, children and the elderly, ideally by brutal actions like beheading etc. The second step, now, is the need to further evolve a consensus and combined global strategy to undertake onslaught against radical/terror ideology as well as the individuals spreading it, in order to root out the terrorism, a gory blot on the humanity from the world.

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