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Ahadith from ‘Miftah-ul-Ma`ani’

1.Abdullah Sunabihi was a well-known Follower. (Fath al-Mun`im)

2. `Ubadah b. Thabit was prominent Companion of the Prophet (saws). He had pledged his hand to the Prophet at `Aqabah 2 and was appointed, among twelve, one of the Nuqaba’ (leaders). He participated in the battle of Badr, and in many battles thereafter. He was sent to Syria as a Qur’an teacher by `Umar (ra). This was his last meeting with his followers, in Bayt al-Maqdis, in 45 AH. (Fath al-Mun`im)

3. It appears that seeing him in death pangs the events of death and after-death, such as Questioning, Resurrection etc. began to flash before Sunabihi. `Ubadah could read that in his face and said, “By Allah, if I am asked to bear witness ..” to the end. (Fath al-Mun`im)

But it is also possible that Sunabihi’s cry was because of his observatioin of death-pangs, or for fear that he will lose `Ubadah’s company and tutorship, although the meaning above seems to be more appropriate. (Al-Kawkab al-Wahhaj).

4. At this point `Ubadah used plural form meaning, ‘you all,’ which means that there were other people around him. (Fath al-Mun`im)

5. Zuhri (Ibn Shihab) was asked about the Prophet’s words, ‘Whosoever said, ‘there is no deity save Allah, entered Paradise.’ He replied, “That was in the early days of Islam before the revelation of obligations, and the injunctions to do not to do.” (Fath al-Mun`im)

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