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AIMPLB: Well wisher of women or their oppressor

On the 2nd anniversary of Triple Tala Law or Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act 2019, Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, acting General Secretary, All India Muslim Personal Law Board- AIMPLB issued a statement criticising the law and claiming that it has worsened the condition of Muslim women. He also gave a subtle threat of social boycott of those Muslim women who have benefitted from this law.

AIMPLB’s statement is baffling that a law which came into existence to prevent women from marital abuse and threat is now being criticised and blamed for worsening the condition of Muslim women. If this law has worsened the condition of Muslim women in India, then can we make same claim for all those Muslim countries that banned practice of Triple Talaq? The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on marriage) Act 2019 took cognizance of Triple Talaq when victim women report to the authorities. AIMPLB subtly threatens the Muslim women of social boycott so as to thwart them against approaching police! Why such threat if its is rejected by the Muslim community as claimed by Dr Asma Zehra Saheba (Chief Organizer Women Wing AIMPLB)?

Government of India clebrates the success of this law by claiming that there has been 80% reduction of cases of Triple Talaq since this law came into force. This is great step for healthy family and society as marriage is the foundation and it should be strengthen. Women are more than 50% of any society and true cultivator of next generation. Can it be possible to expect contribution in society and country building when they are consistently being abused emotionally, socially and economically?

AIMPLB must withdraw statement and issue an apology to all women especially Muslim women for supporting oppression and marital abuse. The Talaq-e-Biddat (Triple Talaq) opens many doors of evil and disgraceful practice of Halala. The noble prophet of islam has cursed practice of Halala and those who involvd in it. Before criticising the Triple Talaq law AIMPLB should follow the steps of prophet of Islam and condemn halala and warn against this practice if they are true well wishers of Muslim women. At the same time, Muslim women and organizations should emphasize on religious education so as to protect them from the oppression by clergy.

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