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Alcohol based Vs Alcohol free hand sanitizers

In this highly contagious and sickly time of Corona pandemic, use of hand sanitizer is one of the most important protocol one has to follow to thwart off the infectious virus. When soap and water are not readily available, there is no better option to keep our hands clean than hand sanitizer. Alcohol based hand sanitizer is known to be most trusted as it wipes out 99.9 percent of most common germs in as little as 15 seconds. The Centre for Disease Control/CDC calls alcohol based hand sanitizer more reliable as a germ killer. According to the CDC, many studies have found that sanitizer with an alcohol concentration between 60-99 percent is more effective in killing germs than those with a lower alcohol concentration or non-alcohol based sanitizer.

Further, there is much published research showing the real-world benefits of alcohol based hand sanitizers. CDC report suggests that alcohol free hand sanitizers may not work equally well for all classes of germs. Although, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of alcohol free hand sanitizer, the biggest problem is the lack of standardized ingredient list.

As Coronavirus has engulfed the world as well as India, all our citizens should leave aside any dilemma about their preference on the kind of hand sanitizer and should prefer alcohol based hand sanitizer over others, as the former has been certified by the CDC to be the best equipment to help us in defeating Covid-19.

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