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Ali Asgar Vohra : A PhD scholar on a mission to save house sparrows

By Special Correspondent

Ali Asgar Vohra, a PhD scholar from Vadodara and his wife spend their Sundays to spread awareness about the declining number of house sparrows and take measures to save them. ”I spent 20 to 25 % of my stipend for making nests and water bowls for house sparrows. From last few months, my wife also gives some of her savings for house sparrows.”

For the past nine years, he has been working hard to save house sparrow in every possible way and aware people about the declining number of the bird. As a part of his mission to save the sparrows, he celebrates World Sparrow Day on 20 March every year along with students at public gardens, ashrams, government schools and different societies in and around Vadodara.

He is so much dedicated to his passion that he celebrated his marriage (4th Oct. 2018) uniquely. He distributed specially made sparrow houses and water bowls to guests as a gift. He almost distributed 120 Sparrow House and around 120 water bowls for birds during the marriage ceremony.

”Sparrow is the bird with whom I spent my childhood and even my grandparents taught me to speak the first word as “CHI” during my childhood. Suddenly in the last 15 years what happened that this bird which use to be seen frequently is no more in our surroundings.” 

During his master’s studies, I did a dissertation on house sparrow nesting and found out a few interesting points.

1. House sparrow mainly prefers Mulberry trees for roosting

2. They have maximum occupies earthen nest for breeding as compared to plastic, cardboard and wooden nests.

3. House sparrow mainly prefers northern and southern directions for the nest to avoid direct sunlight during morning and evening hours.

Last to last year, Eid was also celebrated along with the environment day and lots of programs were taking place in the city to spread awareness among people. Vohra and his wife decided to use this opportunity to do something for sparrows.

After early morning prayers, they thought to spend time with sparrows instead of hanging out in theatres or malls. ”We installed more than 40 nests in the Akota area,” Vohra said.

Vohra’s mission is to connect more people in his mission to save house sparrows and make our surroundings look beautiful.

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