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Almighty’s trials of hardship: To check the level of patience

Without worrying about hardship that is being faced in the world, which is the place of trials and tribulations, one should be joyous to take such hardship and suffering as an opportunity and blessing to become a patient and tolerant person. Because, according to the Quran, Almighty God does not burden a soul beyond it can bear (2:286) and God will put everyone to test with some fear, hunger and with some loss of wealth, lives and offspring. And good tidings are for those who are patient. Even Prophets have been tested in various ways like threat to life, dearth of food and other means. This is the importance of patience in Islam. We should be patient against hardships that we face and should not complain about it. The approach should not be to tell others about our problem, instead patience should be kept. This is the way to get succeed in this life and hereafter.

Prophet, who is considered as the role model for the Muslims, never complained about the hardships given by the Almighty God for testing his patience/tolerance. Rather, he kept patience and suggested his followers to do the same. In the same manner, if one faces hardships, he should not complain about the circumstances and his fate but, keep patience and accept it as it is and try to make things better for himself as well as people around him.

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