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AMU kick starts centenary celebrations

By Bushra Salahuddin

Aligarh: To mark the official beginning of the Centenary Celebrations in the Aligarh Muslim University from December 1, 2020 in a virtual mode amidst the pandemic, the administration sets forth to make resolute efforts in adding a charismatic zeal to the historic event at every hern and cranny, at every nook and corner of the place.

Sir Syed Ahmed Taqvi bin Syed Muhammad Muttaqi- A Man of Vision, a scientist and war hero! Decades of tears and turmoil- 8th January 1877, the Foundation stone, the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College, the Aligarh Muslim University, a World with a Plethora of Opportunities, a Universal seat of learning!

The memory of a man is simple, it gets edged by those who influence them and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was one such being! The man behind this seat of learning, laid emphasis on Modern Education, realising that all means of liberation from orthodoxy lay in modernization and advancements through the scientific knowledge and technological possessions, the vision stemming very much from the same commitment to making India and the Muslims in particular, a Modern Polity.
There very few visionaries born in the 19th century who groomed the pages of history to an envisioning bright future of their land and people. There were few men born great, few who had greatness thrust upon them and few who earned greatness. Sir Syed was a man, born great and who earned greatness with a Plethora of Wisdom, Sanctity and his devoted life of commitment towards his Mission of Educational upliftment and revival of Indian Muslims – by reconciling the Intellectualism of the West with the Traditionalism of the East. An architect of modern India, an Islamic pragmatist, a social reformer and a Thought-provoking writer. An altruist and a protector of his land where victory was once announced by the heights of Lal Qila and Qutb Minar- a land of Incredibility- a land of Mine and Thine!

A University’s index of development and distinction is measured by the teaching standards, research utility and the students’ performance and capability to compete at various National and International Platforms.

The Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College was raised to the status of the Aligarh Muslim University on 9th September 1920. This Road of our university gives a great sight and vision of important building structures that are not merely brick and mortar constructions but the epitome of spirit and purpose to harness National pride and prestige. These are the historical monuments, the splendours of architecture that stand a testimony to the struggles in the establishment of AMU, its Cultural Tehzeeb and it’s Taaleemi Tehreek, it’s journey from being the MAO College to evolving into the Aligarh Muslim University; a Universal seat of learning!

qaum me.n phir taaza zauq-e-butt-parastii dekh kar ik nayaa ka.aba aligarh me.n banaa kartaa rahaa
(Khushi Mohammad Naazir)

The celebrations of this belletristic marvel are an assurance that the Alig Fraternity all around the globe, not only holds true the spirit and essence of Sir Syed’s Mission but also cherishes the fruits of knowledge to progress through it. And so does the historical legacy of towering traditions still prevails in the nazm, “Nazar-e- Aligarh”, better known as the A.M.U. Tarana, by a former illustrious student of the Aligarh Muslim University, Asrar-ul Haq Majaz- “Jo abr yahaa’n se uthega, wo saare jahaa’n par barsega”!

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