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An app on Indian Muslim Freedom Fighters

The Indian Freedom Movement saw the participation of people from all parties , all communities. However, very little information is available on Muslim Freedom Fighters who took part in the Freedom Movement. Apart from  names like Tipu Sultan, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, Zakir Hussain, very little is known by the public at large about a majority of Muslim freedom fighters.  Though Bollywood has portrayed Muslim Freedom Fighters in a few movies like Ashfaqulla Khan in Rang De Basanti, muslim Freedom Fighters dont find a significant place in popular culture.  However with the advent of smart phones, it has certainly become easier to spread information about Muslim Freedom fighters.  Syed Khalid Saifullah, , a Software Engineer from Hyderabad , launched an app that has details of Muslim Freedom Fighters. The app was launched on Independence Day last year i.e 15th August 2016.


Registering on the app
Instead of just being another content app, Syed Khalid has taken the gamification route for the app. Once the User has finished reading information about a particular Freedom Fighter, he can immediately take a quiz about that Freedom Fighter. This results in a better comprehension of information about the Freedom Fighter. Also Hussain has classified Freedom Fighters into categories like Women, Rulers, Martyrs, Moulvis, Advocates, Journalists, Businessmen, Azad Hind Fouj, Doctors, Educationists, Poets, Bureaucrats, Judges and other professions.
The App has received a good response with 10000-50000 downloads/installations. The app was last updated in December 2016 and currently has a rating of 4.7 plus. About 426 people have given the app a 5 star rating, though a few people have complained of problems during registration. The app has received fairly long reviews with most of them appreciating the fact that the sacrifices of Muslim Freedom Fighters are being remembered through the app when very little literature is available on Muslim Freedom Fighters.


List of Freedom Fighters
Details of Freedom Fighter
An anonymous reviewer writes  “Awesome effort sometimes people says no freedom fighters from your religion.. i simply replied am weak in history. But now I can reply them with proof. Thank you so much.”
Tauqeer Ahmed writes “The App is very good. Creates awareness against the common belief that Muslims did not participate in the freedom of India”.


Another Anonymous reviewer writes “(1)This is a valuable effort for keeping the current and future generations of Indians to learn and remember the sacrifices and contributions made by Muslim citizens of India in the making of Democratic Republic of India in 1947. (2)The sacrifices made should not be snatched or ignored away from history books… (3)About the app, during registration step, the state, district and assembly drop down lists are not responding/working there by holding the login entry to the app. (4)Suggest to keep the registration and login account as non-mandatory/optional in order to reach out to more citizens and people”.


And there were some who have complained about the app not being in Hindi as a majority would not be able to read in English.


If you want to know the contributions of Muslims in the Indian Freedom Movement, this is App to install. You can install the App from here . Currently available only on Android.

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