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An ex-army officer’s ode to Muslim practices during the pandemic

Hyderabad: Corona might have given massive human losses to China, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Belgium and Nordics nations like Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and killed lakhs in the US.  

However, it is just another virus for Islamic nations and societies.

BUT Corona could not do much damage to the Islamic dominant nations or mostly Islamic societies like Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, India (which isn’t a Muslim majority but a country with a sizeable Muslim population), and the Middle East if you look at the damage done population wise! My detailed national, social analytics tell me that most deaths occurred in those states and societies where people live in the hypocritical modernity. These are also places where the actual immunity levels are questionable! This theory applies in India too where Corona made inroads into Tablighi Jamaat community and localities like Koyambedu in Chennai.

However, the deaths are comparatively miniscule many from those communities recovered and began donating plasma for others to cure! This happened despite the heavy and senseless propaganda done by vested interest groups on the Tablighi movement where there are NIL or less deaths from that group or across nations and societies where there is a decent Islamic presence!

Why is this so?

This is because the Islamic societies generally have the highest immunity levels across the continent. They live simply, are hard working, and enjoy high anti-body creation abilities whenever any viruses attack! This is also due to their highly healthy food habits and prayer methods in which they kneel – both which create huge red blood cells in the body (this is similar to the way Yoga pose also creates the same cells). Plus, there isn’t much consumption of frozen food in Islamic societies. Instead they eat well-cooked food as always.

I am an ex-Defense Officer and I will not be shy to admit that the best practices Islamic societies practices in their lifestyle have contributed to the least amount of deaths and damage! Globally, NO one is writing articles and superlatives that project these aspects of Islamic societies due to fear of fall or retaliations.

I hold no such reservations! Why be afraid to write what is only truthful?

My writing and article are fully backed by the global Islamic analytics on COVID-19 damage and deaths. And the time to project and elevate such Islamic and social habits is NOW!

Last but not the least, women and ladies and girls in Islam are encouraged to wear niqaab, hijab, tashmak, purdah, burqa and etc. Countries that opposed or banned those have suffered huge deaths via COVID-19.

All those nations including the US are donning face masks all over. This means that personal safety is superior to personal identity! The whole world will, shall, and should veer towards social practices one by one now! Being a born Hindu and a half Muslim (I am proud to admit that during a decade of my childhood, I grew up in an around Hyderabadi Muslim houses for a decade in childhood). I feel no fear or shyness in openly writing such notes and articles regarding these jewels of Islamic culture.

Hats off to Islamic culture rooted in certain practices!

Lt. Gauri Shankar Antarvedi, Rtd BE LLB, MBA

The writer is a retired Army officer with and an LLB-MBA. He is a student of Global Islamic Practices and Studies. 

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