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Appeal by Muslim icons to follow Government guidelines on Covid-19

Amidst appeals by various Ulemas/scholars across the country, a newly setup ‘think tank’, the Indian Muslims for India First (IMIF) has issued a set of guidelines to the Muslim community on observance of the Holy month of Ramzan. The IMIF, which comprises scholars, Clerics, academicians and retired bureaucrats including the former Chief Election Commissioner, S.Y. Quraishi, has appealed to the community to offer prayers, read Quran as well as other religious scriptures and ‘Iftaar’ (breaking of fast) at home, this Ramzan, as going to a place of worship, including mosques is not permitted under the lockdown guidelines.

Quraishi, in an appeal to the community, said that to strengthen the country’s fight against Covid-19, a fight that is, in fact the fight of the entire humanity, by offering the prayers at home, the divine blessings would come to our homes too. Mufti Mohammad Ashfaq Qasmi, the Head Imam of the Jama Masjid, Akola (Maharashtra) said that this Ramzan the Muslims must request Allah to keep India and the rest of the humanity safe from Covid- 19. Other members expressed that this was not the time to pin point at the non-Muslims or the Government, hide any infected person from the administration and attack the health workers and the police, who are the real warrior against the pandemic, rather it is the duty of all Indians irrespective of religion to cooperate with the Government in its fight.

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