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As A Muslim He Could Marry 4 Times, So This Guy Chose To Marry His Wife In Four Different Ways

Growing up in India is a unique experience and it’s not something you realise until you meet your foreign friends and their parents. Life for kids in India is a little daunting than most kids across the world would ever know.

They can be the badass bond that they want to be – top their university, launch a satellite, find the cure for cancer etc.. but there are few things that they can never decide for themselves and one of them is the person they will marry. 

For as long as we may remember, Indian parents have taken the onus of getting their kids married and they just don’t like it if one suggests otherwise.

So when Ankita Agarwal and Faiz Rehman fell in love during their college days, they knew it was a tough ride ahead. And the fact that they came from different religious backgrounds added more to the tension.

But just how these two twirled the misery and did a magic is a story in itself. As a Muslim man, Faiz could marry four times, so he decided to marry the love of his life in four different ways. As Ankita said ‘There’s was a wedding that most people only dream of.’

In a blog post, Ankita has penned their beautiful journey. She wrote:

Scene 1, Action – Boyfriend and Papa meet for the first time.

Scene 2, Action: Wedding 1 – The Ram-Mandir wedding

Scene 3, Action: Wedding 2 – Court Marriage


Scene 4, Action: Wedding 3 – The Nikaah


Scene 5, Action: Wedding 4 – The Beachside Pheras


Their beach wedding in Goa was a tiny affair with only 60 guests. The couple threw a masquerade themed party where the entire setup was close to the beach on a cemented platform covered on all sides with palm trees.

To make it more dreamy, the groom drove the Lambretta in endless swag and danced to the dhol beats!

They have now spent 2 wonderful years together and everything is fine between the families. So that was the story of a Muslim guy got married 4 times, luckily with the same girl!

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