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Asiya-Neelofar rape and murder case: JK administration terminates two doctors for ‘distorting’ post-mortem report

by Muslim Mirror Staff

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has terminated the services of two doctors, Dr. Bilal Dalal and Dr. Nighat Shaheen, who were part of the post-mortem team involved in the Asiya Neelofar Shopian rape and murder case. These doctors were initially suspended by the government led by Omar Abdullah back in 2009.

Dr. Nighat Shaheen’s autopsy report had indicated rape of both women, and her findings were supported by a forensic report. However, due to certain shortcomings in the autopsy process, the exact cause of death could not be conclusively established through forensic means.

Dr. Nighat Shaheen has been accused of conspiring to defame, discredit, and cause harm to police and security personnel by creating false reports with the intention of wrongfully convicting them for a capital offense.

On the other hand, Dr. Bilal Ahmad Dalal has been accused by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) of incorrectly describing a lacerated wound on Asiya Jan’s head as an incised wound. The CBI has also accused him of providing false opinions on the cause of death in the case of Asiya Jan and Neelofar Jan.

Furthermore, even the Jan Commission, which investigated the case, noted lapses by the doctors in conducting the autopsies.

According to sources reported by Kashmir News Trust, the termination of Dr. Bilal Ahmad Dalal and Dr. Nighat Shaheen has been confirmed. However, as of now, there has been no official confirmation or statement regarding their termination from an official source.

Asiya Neelofar Rape and Murder case

The Asiya and Neelofar case, also known as the Shopian double murder case, refers to a tragic incident that took place in May 2009 in Shopian, a town in Jammu and Kashmir.

Asiya Jan and Neelofar Jan, two young women from Shopian, went missing on the evening of May 29, 2009. Their bodies were discovered in a shallow stream in the Rambiara area of Shopian two days later. The incident sparked widespread protests and unrest in the region.

Initially, the local police claimed that the cause of death was drowning. However, the families of the victims and many local residents disputed this explanation and alleged that the women were raped and murdered. They accused the security forces of being involved in the crime.

The case gained significant attention and prompted a public outcry. Protests and demonstrations took place in Shopian and other parts of Kashmir, demanding justice for Asiya and Neelofar. The incident also drew attention from human rights organizations and the media.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir ordered a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the case. However, the investigations were marred by controversy, allegations of tampering with evidence, and claims of a cover-up.

Despite multiple investigations and inquiries, the case remained unresolved, with no conclusive evidence or conviction.

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