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Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen evades capture for five months: Reward increased to one lakh rupees

Shaista Parveen

by Muslim Mirror Staff

In a manhunt spanning five months, law enforcement agencies, including the Special Task Force (STF), have been unable to apprehend Shaista Parveen, the wife of Atiq Ahmed, in connection with the heinous Umesh Pal murder case that took place on 24th February.

The murder of Umesh Pal and two government gunners sent shockwaves through the region when assailants attacked them with bullets and bombs outside their residence in Sulemasarai. Shaista Parveen, along with Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf, were implicated in the incident and fled the scene immediately after the attack.

Despite extensive efforts, the STF’s search operations stretching from Prayagraj to Delhi and Mumbai have so far failed to locate Shaista, prompting authorities to take drastic measures.

In an effort to encourage public assistance, the government has been requested to increase the reward for her capture from 50 thousand rupees to one lakh rupees.

Furthermore, the complexity of the situation has escalated with Ashraf’s wife, Zainab, and sister, Ayesha, also on the run after the murder, leading authorities to consider declaring a reward for information leading to their arrest as well.

ACP Dhoomanganj Varun Kumar emphasized that the hunt for Shaista remains an ongoing priority for the STF and other involved agencies. Despite raiding several locations based on leads, the elusive fugitive has repeatedly managed to evade capture.

Even with the demolition of Atiq’s house and the arrest of his associates, Shaista Parveen remains at large, continuously changing her location to outwit authorities effectively.

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