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Avodhya verdict- a victory for both Hindu and Muslims

Pronouncement of the verdict on the long run RJB-BM suit by the five judge Supreme Court bench led by CJI Ranjan Gogoi has put to rest all the acrimony that had been prevailing between the Hindus and Muslims of our country. The rare unanimous decision of the apex court has been balanced and has respected both faith and legal aspects. The judgment has brought a sense of relief to the Hindu and Muslim communities. No judgment could have been better than this, keeping in view the fact that India is a role model for the entire world for its unity in diversity and tolerance being its DNA. If anything, the Ayodhya verdict underscores the inherent robustness of India’s secularism.

Every Indian, irrespective of his religion, need to work towards
strengthening the fabric of social harmony, unity and brotherhood and
must desist from falling prey to provocation and emotional appeals to
violence. It’s a fact that progress and stability of any country is based on
peace and security, which necessitates putting superiority of the law and
Constitution of the country, above all. Despite sustained efforts made by
the sectarian and divisive forces from within and outside to vitiate the
atmosphere of the country, the people irrespective of their caste, creed
& religion have shown and will continue to show to the world that they
are proud to be an Indian and will do their best for its stability and progress.

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