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Baba Farid: A Sufi and multi-faith poet

Baba Farid, an icon of spiritual love and human bonding, whose devotional poetic outpouring have been sung over hundreds of the years, besides keeping alive the communal harmony and brotherhood in the Indian sub-continent, was born in Multan and later remained at Mokalhar, Punjab, (which was renamed as Faridkot). Protected with Baba Farid’s aura of humanity and compassion, the town, Faridkot, where Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs live in perfect harmony, has never seen communal riots since independence. Been impressed by Farid’s ‘Bani’, Guru Nanak has included him among ‘thirty six wise men’, besides one twenty of his verses in Guru Granth Sahib. Baba, a Sufi mystic of Chisti Silsila and disciple of Bakhtiyar Kaki, firmly believed in oneness of God, whose substance is equally distributed in every human being with no religious specifications. He also supported women empowerment and equality by allowing them in Khankahas, grooming them at par with male devotees quoting, ‘it is a woman who bears/raises children those would become kings and saints, then how they should not be treated equally with men folk’. The legendary poet whose message of brotherhood intricate in South-Asia’s ethnic culture of boundless love and harmony would keep the philosophy of oneness of all alive in the contemporary world too.

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