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Babri Masjid dispute: Muslim leaders welcome the SC mediation order but with conditions

Babri Masjid and Supreme Court

By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent

New Delhi : Honoring the mediation initiative of Supreme Court on Babri Masjid dispute IMPLB tweeted: “We accepted Ayodhya Mediation honoring the Supreme Court proposal. We have always believed in dialogue and peaceful solution of the matter. However, our participation in the mediation process should not be viewed as a change in our original stance on Babri Masjid.” In another tweet, the AIMPLB said that “It’s a title suit, not a faith related case.”

All India Muslim Majlis e Mushawarat (AIMMM) appreciates Hon’ble Supreme Court concern for resolving the Babri Masjid – Ram Janam Bhoomi dispute and its verdict to constitute a Mediation team. said Navaid Hamid the president of the umbrella body of Muslim organizations.

AIMMM strongly thinks that though all efforts for a negotiated settlement of the 70 years old dispute had failed in past and there are little chances for it in future too but still there is no harm if SC monitored mediation team explores ways to resolve the dispute with a clean slate and in a non-partisan manner. Keeping the complexity of the issue in mind and the difficulties of making a consensus for resolving the dispute, it is required that as per the mandate of the SC, the Mediation Committee should co-opt more members in it and it would be most appropriate if the Mediation Committee resolves to includes three Retired Dalit, Sikh and Christian Judges apart from somebody representing Muslim civil society who is acceptable to the Muslim parties in the Babri Masjid – Ram Janambhoomi case, he added.

While making a strong objection on the name of Sri Sri  as a mediator  Tasleem Rhmani the leader of said “ While i welcome Supreme Court order a time bound mediation without media intervention announcing a panel of mediators.  It is highly strange to appoint Sri Sri Ravi as one of the mediator from civil society.  In the past known Hindu seer has behaved like a party from VHP advocating that Muslim shall hand over the mosque to Hindu unconditionally and built mosque somewhere else outside Ayodhya. This is a stand taken by VHP which he is lobbying for a long time and attending all RSS and VHP meetings in this regard. A person having his opinion know cannot be taken as an appropriate person for any just and impartial mediation. Supreme Court shall review his name or at least appoint one senior Muslim cleric like Maulana  Rabe  Hasni Nadvi.

“The mediation should be welcomed provided both parties give their consent, the mediation  should be unconditional, and it should be on the basis of title suit not on faith otherwise it will meet the same fate as the earlier initiatives ” said Zia Uddin Siddiqui of Wahdat e Islami.

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