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Bangla speaking Muslims were always considered second class citizens by Pakistan.

Pakistan was formed on the basis of two nation theory and led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah civilization who told Hindu;s and Muslims had distinctive culture and civilization which makes it impossible for impossible for a peaceful coexistence which necessitates that Muslims need a country that will be for Muslims only. On the basis of religion , Pakistan was partitioned from India in 1947. Pakistan was formed to provide equal opportunities to all Muslims whether they belong to any region, color or language; unfortunately only after a few years, Bangla speakers were marginalized and stereotyped.

They were forbidden from holding administrative post and participate in active military services at officer level, and were also treated as second class citizens by the Urdu speaking Muslims from west Pakistan. Discrimination advanced gradually against educated Bangla speaking Muslims who strive for job and equal rights but were entirely suppressed by the white Muslims’ authority (Pakistani Muslims). This resulted in a civil war which witnessed multiple stances of human rights violations, genocide was carried out to subjugate Bangladeshis into accepting Pakistan’s dominance. A prolonged struggle led to the formation of Bangladesh in adverse circumstances and heart-wrenching scenario which send chill down the spine even today.

Bangla speaking populace suffered under Pakistani rule which cannot be compensated by any means. After immediate formation, west Pakistanis were exercising administrative and authoritative power that had made them superior to East Bangladeshis. Essentially, West Pakistanis had not only held dominance in industrialization and governance but were also proud on their light skin colour and language and tried to sweep away fundamental rights of East Bangla people who were considered dark in colour and not supposed to be getting any responsibilities, though they advanced rapidly in the field of education while basking in the glory of a culturally rich civilization that is very close to India.

Bangla speaking Muslims were constantly treated as second class citizen in Pakistan and they had suffered a lot of pain, dilemma and loss which cannot be really compensated ever. They had selected Pakistan as their eternal abode but that was converted into hellish dwelling for Bangladeshis who wrongly perceived that sharing a common religion would suffice to lead a peaceful life. Little did they know that language, ethnicity & culture held more importance to their Pakistani masters who ignored Islam and subjugated the Bangla speaking populace.

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