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Bhai Bhai Group serves food to fasting travelers at Wadi station in Ramzan

Shah Taj Khan (Pune)

During the holy month of Ramzan when most Muslims fast from dawn to dusk; at night a group of volunteers are waiting at the platform of the Wadi Railway junction on the Maharashtra-Karnataka border for train. As soon as it chugs into the station the brigade of young people wearing white shirts and carrying food packets in their hands are seen scurrying on the platform.

These Volunteers call for passengers who are fasting and may need fresh food to eat before they can start their next Roza at the break of the dawn. They announce that Suhoor (sehri – Meal permitted from breaking the fast till opening it the nexty day) has been arranged for those who are fasting.

This is the fifth consecutive year for the Bhai-Bhai volunteers to offer their services during Ramzan to passengers at this railway junction.

Volunteers of Bhai-Bhai Group discussing strategy at the Wadi station platform

The Bhai-Bhai Group volunteers wait for every train passing through the Wadi Junction at night. They try their best to reach every fasting person as quickly as possible. Night is the time, when Muslims who are keeping the Roza are permitted to eat while they have to fast – without water – in the day.

Shamsher Ahmad, founder of the Bhai-Bhai group involved in distributing of sehri since 2017, says that for 30 days of Ramzan, he and his colleagues are always tense about missing the people who need their services.

At the Wadi Junction, where trains usually have a longer stoppage, the Bhai-Bhai volunteers stand on the platform to welcome every train arriving from midnight till the Fajr Azaan during the month.

Volunteeers readying packets of food for distribution at the Wadi station

They wear white T-shirts with Ramadan Mubarak printed on the front side and nd the Bhai-Bhai Group and their respective names on the back.

Shamsher Ahmed said the group uses social media to inform travelers about their services at the Wadi station. They encourage travelers to book their meals with a phone call. Those who book their meals with the Bhai-Bhai group also give their bogey and seat number.

“People who do not fast or are not Muslims can also book their meals with us during these 30 days. We prepare food according to the order. In the month of Ramzan, we try to deliver food to every needy, regardless of religion and nationality.”

Mohammad Irfan and Shamsheer Ahmed

The volunteers deliver the food to them on their seats. Anyone can book the meals with the group.

Shamheer says they even get calls from people from different Railway stations demanding food not realizing that they serve only at one station.

It’s interesting to note that the group only serves vegetarian food.

They also deliver food to the poor people living close to the Wadi Railway stations.

Images of night-long food distribution by Bhai Bhai group at the Wadi station

A volunteer of the group said he gets happiness after serving food to fasting persons. “This is worship, religion, and faith,” says Shamsher Ahmed.

We try to deliver food to the person who connects with us. But our group offers its services only around the Wadi junction.

Shamsheer Ahmed and Mohammad Irfan started organizing Suhore for passengers in the Ramzan of 2017. At present, 72 volunteers are deployed for the mission. They take care of cooking meals – four to five times a day – to distribution of the food.

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On the days when more trains pass through the station, more volunteers are deployed. The group has been duly permitted by the Indian Railways to serve the people. wach volunteer carries a special identity card while serving the people.

Shamsher says after a fortnight he will have to deploy 150 volunteers as the rush of people travelling to celebrate Eid at their homes will increase.

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