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Bihar elections : List of 18 Muslim candidates who have won so far

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: As least 18 Muslim candidates have so far won the assembly elections in Bihar. Six of them belong to the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), five belong to the All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) and other four candidates belong to the Congress party. Out of the remaining three ones, two belongs to CPI Liberation and the last one belongs to the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

The following list of 18 winning Muslim candidates has been prepared with the help of the data available on the Election Commission of India website.

  • Candidate                                  Party                          Constituency              Margin
  1. SHAMIM AHMAD                   RJD                            Narkatia                      25485
  2. ALI ASHRAF SIDDIQUI         RJD                            Nathnagar                   10413
  3. MOHAMMAD NEHAL            RJD                            Rafiganj                         9219
  4. YUSUF SALAHUDDIN            RJD                            Bakhtiarpur                  4147
  5. Saud Alam                                   RJD                            Thakurganj                 20087
  6. MOHAMMAD ISRAIL              RJD                            Kanti                             8990
  7. AKHTARUL IMAN                  AIMIM                         Armour                       43720
  8. MOHAMMAD ANZAR           AIMIM                          Bahadurganj               17309
  9. Ruknuddin Ahmad                  AIMIM                          Baisi                              15577
  10. SHAHNAWAZ                          AIMIM                          Jokihat                           7383
  11. MUHAMMED IZHAR ASFI   AIMIM                         Kochadhaman              31314
  12. ABIDUR RAHMAN                Congress                         Araria                            42616
  13. SHAKEEL AHMAD                Congress                         Kadwa                              3741
  14. AFAQUE ALAM                       Congress                         Kasba                              2686
  15. IJAHARUL HUSAIN              Congress                         Kishanganj                    11887
  16. Quyamuddin Ansari              CPI Liberation                 Arrah                                 819
  17. MAHBOOB ALAM                 CPI Liberation                Balrampur                    53597
  18. MOHD. ZAMA KHAN           BSP                                   Chainpur                       24294

As the counting is still on, there is a strong likelihood of more Muslim candidates winning the elections. It is worth mentioning that Mashkoor Usmani who was fielded by the Congress from Jale have lost.

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