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Bihar introduces Science & Arts in it’s Madrasas: A much needed step for the betterment of Muslims

In a significant move, The Bihar Madrassas Education Board has decided to adopt a “Modern and Mainstream syllabus” in the academic session that began April this year including options for students to choose from Science, Arts and Commerce after class 10 and adoption of SCERT and NCERT textbooks. Over 10,000 teachers were given online training during the lockdown by the experts including from the UNICEF, to be able to teach the course.

As per the new syllabus, the language of instructions as well as text books will be in Urdu. Students, however will have English and Hindi as separate subjects. The entire syllabus has been uploaded online which includes over 800 videos on the new syllabus on their website for the help of students. Bihar Madrassa Education Board has also launched an app for students to access the material. The Chairman of the Board said that only studying Arabic would not suffice and students should learn all subjects along with religious teachings, as they have to compete with the world.

UNICEF Bihar said that the complete paradigm shift in the State had been done by Bihar Madrassa Board after the study undertaken in 2017-18 by UNICEF called for sweeping changes in the existing system. Current syllabus is a combination of pragmatic syllabus and Islamic studies along with digital education. It is pertinent to mention that the Bihar Madrasa Board is an autonomous body under the State Government and has over 4,000 Madrasas affiliated to it, including1,942 Government aided, with over 15 Lakh students. It has been holding online classes for the students.

By introducing modern education in Madrassas’ curriculum, Bihar has set an example for other states to come up with similar approach for the betterment of Muslim society as well as the nation.

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