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Board exams: Haryana wants wake-up ‘alarm’ for students by temples, mosques

Chandigarh: In a move aimed at improving pass percentage of schools, the Haryana government has called for announcements by temples, mosques and gurdwaras to wake up students of classes 10 and 12 early so that they can prepare for their board exams to be held in March next year.

The state education department has also asked school authorities concerned to ask parents to wake their wards up at 4.30 am to utilize early morning time for preparation.

In a communication to principals of all government schools, the department stressed that a joint plan be made by parents and teachers so that students get some extra hours for self-study.

“For this, morning time is most suitable. At that time, mind is fresh and there is no noise of vehicles. For this, every class teacher should request parents that they will wake up their children at 4:30 in the morning and will ask them to sit for studies by 5:15 am.

The teachers will also enquire through WhatsApp groups whether the students have woken up and are studying or not. If parents are not cooperating, then it should be brought to the notice of the school management committee,” it said.

The education department has also asked the panchayat members in villages to ensure that there is an environment of studies during early morning hours in their villages.

“Temples, mosques and gurdwaras should be approached for early morning announcements (through loudspeakers) so that students get up and start studying. With this, each student is expected to get additional two to three hours (for studies),” said Director (secondary education) Anshaj Singh in a letter to all government school principals and district education officers.

The letter further said it is the collective responsibility of the whole society to provide a proper environment for preparation of exams. Only societies that provide support in the education of children contribute to the progress of a nation, it added.

In the communication issued on December 22, school principals were reminded that only 70 days are left for the board exams and were also asked to make action plans to improve the board exam results.

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