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Campus Front of India to organize Dignity Conference on its 10th Anniversary

By Muslim Mirror

New Delhi: Campus Front of India, a nationwide students movement is celebrating its 10th Anniversary on the theme Decade of Dignity. The conference scheduled on 6 Nov 2019 at the Talkatora stadium in  New Delhi is expected to attract students from prominent universities.

Campus Front of India is a student movement which educates the students to respond against the social evils and aware them about their moral responsibility to act against in justice.

CFI has termed the event as a milestone in the struggle against fascism and upholding of the constitution, “Campus Front takes strong stand against the deep rooted fascist Ideology which destructs the unity in diversity concept of India. The hate politics and religious polarization propagated by RSS through Lynching, Hate speeches, Saffronization etc endanger the idea of India. The minority communities and Oppressed has been facing serious identity issues like Casteism, Islamophobia through the Brahminical Supremacy propounded by Hindutva brigades. We urge students to participate in the event”

Campus Front General Secretary Rauf Sherif, S Mohammad Rashid, Karimul Bari and Sabi Ahmed participated in the press meet briefing the media about the need for the conference. “Students were considered as the backbone of every society and they are the vital force to construct a welfare nation.  The only hope and responsibilities to overcome the Hate politics and anti people policies of the Government vested on students. The struggle which we saw in the recent past was actually emerged out from Indian Campuses. So they are targeted to suppress by using different machineries of the state. The only opposition of this country has been facing frequent rustication and show cause threats which slow down the spirit of activisms. Here Campus Front urged the students to awake and speak up for rights and justice by breaking all the conventional hate propagandas of the state. Building up confidence to the society to fight against fascism by applying the power of education should be the priority of the students. The 10 year long journey of Campus Front taught the students to live with dignity rather than adopting compromising measure against injustice,” reads the statement.

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