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Caricatures and Prophet Muhammad – Two Shores of a River That Never Meet

The character of the Prophet Muhammad is the best example for everyone whose good character cannot be described and expressed in words or otherwise. A model to be imitated, many have tried to draw pictures or make caricatures of Prophet Muhammad or sometimes controversy arise as some cartoonist try their hand in presenting him through cartoons. Muslims believe that it is totally forbidden to characterise the Prophet through any form of painting, cartoon or drawing and this belief has resulted in violence against those who try to draw the image of the Prophet. This leaves us with some important questions. Who had made the first portrait of Prophet Muhammad? Were photos ever made in his period i.e. in and around 7th century? Had any perfect Muslim artist painted his picture while as per the popular belief it is prohibited for Muslims to take photos or keep images of human beings at home? Based upon the findings of Quran & Hadees, it can be safely said that the answer to all the above questions can be answered in negation. Many artists over a period of time has tried their hand in drawing pictures of the Prophet, but these were mere imaginative creations and inventions and have no authentication.

The lessons from the past and present day conditions have showed us that any attempt in drawing a caricature of Prophet has witnessed sharp reactions from the Muslim community which often results in violence. However, if one looks at the character of Prophet Muhammad and follows his life history, one soon realises that the Prophet has always detested violence even under very compelling circumstances. It is said that non-violence and love can defeat anyone but revenge will always create enmity and agony. Invented and self-created cartoon and image cannot deteriorate the idealistic and admired character of the Prophet Muhammad.

A solemn urge to all Muslims to practice true spirit of Islam and adopt His moderate behaviour and dealing that will create a universal society and organized community because some people always try to defame Islam by committing different blasphemies like caricaturizing, tearing pages of Quran and raising unacceptable slogans; Muslims should not give undue importance to these trivial issues rather they should imitate character of Prophet and present themselves to the world so that they may be imitated by others out of love and awe.

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