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Uniform Civil Code: The Milestone in Consolidating the Unity of India

Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is one of the most happening debates of independent India which gained prominence after the Shah Bano v/s Mohd Ahmed Khan case. UCC proposes to replace the personal laws based on the religious scriptures with a common governing law for every citizen. Here, the common law …

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इस्‍लामसिर्फ ‘मजहब’ हीनहींबल्किजीनेकाएकढंगभीहै

इस्‍लाम जात-पात, नस्‍ल, भाषा और मजहब को दरकिनार करते हुए समानता में विश्‍वास करता है और लोकतांत्रिक व मजहबी निरपेक्ष व्‍यवस्‍था के लिए एक मंच उपलब्‍ध कराता है। यह मनुष्‍य जाति को अमन के साथ रहने के लिए अपने दरवाजे खोलता है और जोर-जबरदस्‍ती तथा जबरन मजहब परिवर्तन से परहेज …

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“Muslim Ummah- The way forward” provides an answer to what Islam asks of us as humans

By Nikhat Iqbal Today we stand in a moment,or many moments,where people talk about the world being broken.For many of us,globally and historically it has been broken and breaking and completely destroyed already, time and time again. How do we move forward then? How do we reconceptualise societies that are …

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A model mosque

By Asad Mirza The Muslim community should try to evolve the construction of the mosques, at a lesser cost besides fulfilling both functional and practical needs, and making it a centre of learning and practice. In Islam, a mosque is a humble way for man to create a place where …

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Patience in Islam- The Reward of Patience in Quran and Sunnah

Islam meaning

Patience is to hold one’s soul from being impatient and displeased, holding the tongue from complaining and the body parts from harming himself or others. The patience is mentioned at many places in Quran and Sunnah of the beloved Prophet (SAW), which shows the virtues and greatness of Patience. In …

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A tribute to Abidullah Ghazi : The internationally known Islamic scholar

By Maqbool Ahmed Siraj Death of Janab Dr. Abidullah Ghazi in the wee hours of Sunday April 11, in Chicago, should sadden us all. A restless soul, he has ultimately found peace in death. Ghazi sab would go down in the annals of Islam as a marathoner who dedicated his …

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Why interfaith dialogue is the key to restoring harmony and social cohesion?

By Dr. M A Mufazzal Our society, in general, has always been a heterogeneous community since antiquity. The people here are bound together by shared goals and ideals ‘in a way that does not necessitate homogeneity in dress, dietary customs, belief systems, or even outward religious observance. This is essentially …

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The rise of the Muslim middle class — and the challenges

* Muslims going on holiday is part of the change that has been underway * Until a few years ago, Indian Muslims were either very rich or very poor * When I was in school, for several years, I was the only Muslim in my class * With the increasing …

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A classical case of peaceful approach vs radicalizatiôn

Waheed-ud-din Khan is a person of great stature, who always stood for the greatest good of society and became the messenger of peace and harmony. He first came under the limelight when he gave Muslims a clarion call to relinquish claims over the disputed Babri Masjid site, one of the …

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