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Centre rejects plea of issuing Refugee permit to Rohingya Muslims

Delhi: Rejecting the plea to issue refugee permit to Rohingya refugees, Ministry of Home Affairs has filed fresh affidavits in the Apex Court saying there cannot be any such direction regarding the permit to enter Indian.

The Centre told the Supreme Court that MHA has maintained nation’s security interest since the country is already facing serious infiltration issues from its bordering countries along with spreading of terrorism across the country.

MHA told individuals holding valid travel documents will be permitted to enter India.

“Securing the border of any sovereign nation in accordance with law is an essentially executive function and this Court would not issue a writ directing not only the Central government but all the state governments having a common border to ensure foreigners enter the territory of India,” stated the affidavit.

The MHA added the steps taken by the Government are strictly in accordance with the law and order of the nation and is also in the interest of the nation, a step to protect its citizens.

The rejection response from the government came after the reports alleging the Indian security forces at the Indo- Myanmar border was using chili sprays, stun grenades and other forceful preventive methods to stop the refugees from stepping foot in the country.

While the Government denies these allegations of methods used against the Rohingya refugees, it made it clear that no court should permit refugees to enter the nation without having valid travel documents nor the Government shall issue any alternative refugee cards to Rohingya’s.

“There being no law passed by Parliament with regard to refugees, there cannot be any issuance of refugee identification card to any person,” said the affidavit.

Distinguishing between Sri Lankan Tamil refugees and Rohingya’s, the MHA said there was “comparable parity” between the two since India allowed the Tamil refugees in terms of a bilateral treaty between the two nations in 1964 and 1974 whereas no such treaty exists between India and Myanmar.

Over the past few months, several PILs have been filed in Supreme Court against the forceful deportation of Rohingya Muslim refugees who fear execution in Myanmar.

However, the government assured the Supreme Court that no extreme steps shall be taken against the Rohingya refugees while the case is pending the apex court.

The Court adjourned the case until next Monday, News18 reported.

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