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Century-Old Osmania General Hospital in poor state, authorities turn blind eye

Hyderabad: Telangana state-run historic 100 years old Osmania General Hospital (OGH) remains neglected with overcrowded wards and very poor medical facilities that continue to haunt its patients.

Though OGH is India’s one of the oldest hospital situated in Afzal Ganj founded in 1910 today lies in a neglected state with authorities failing to offer standard healthcare services.

Angry relatives of patients and activists have also staged a protest here on Tuesday after video footage of a general ward at OGH showed patients sitting on the ground with attendants holding IV drip bottles was posted on internet.

“The ward is overcrowded largely due to the influx of patients referred by doctors at private centres and in districts and the patients are especially those suffering from viral fever and jaundice,” said hospital authorities.

“Also, with a number of medical equipment getting damaged, the treatment time has increased, which in turn has increased the patient load,” maintain staff members.

According to sources, the OGH has now outnumbered the number of beds leading to an additional patient for each bed.

“We came here two days ago, but this place is a complete mess. For a few hours, we didn’t even have a place on the floor. Also, We had to fetch a stretcher ourselves,” said Reshma Bi, an attendant who had come from Suryapet.

The wards have remained overcrowded for the past couple of days said hospital authorities.

“As the second floor was vacated few months ago, we have a space crunch,” said B Nagender, superintendent, OGH.

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