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Charity, asceticism and prayer: Common Values in all religions

Charity, abstinence, thanks giving/grace to the Creator etc. are the values, all religions embrace and required to be adapted by all human beings irrespective of their faith. The observance of prayers everyday strengthens ones inner spirit, feels blessings of the creator, besides enables him to recalibrate his priorities. A part of the earning, invariably (the percentage as deemed fit), should be earmarked for charity to share God’s blessings with those less fortunate. This also enhances one’s ability to know ‘importance of money’ and the meaningful help to fellow human beings. Observance of fast is common in all religions which cultivates restraints, makes realize importance of food and makes the person God conscious, besides ‘health bonus’ too. The month of Ramadan, once a year, where no food and water from day break to sun set, as well as no sex tests the believer’s faith in the creator, besides his endurance against inclement conditions. Uttering grace/thanks giving to Almighty before taking any step i.e. even taking meal, like ‘Bismillah/Insha Allah’ (to begin in the name of God/God is willing) reminds that we are in God’s hands and are asking for his blessings. Meditation is a form of silence in the remembrance of God with all senses. Thus, we all, irrespective of our religious adherences embrace the same values, though with our own ways of expression, creating a harmony-wave among all creations of the nature simultaneously dispelling evil forces of violence, hatred, divide etc.

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