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Christian Attitudes and the Attitudes of Islam to Help Infertile Couples Have Children

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Christian Attitudes and the Attitudes of Islam to Help Infertile Couples Have Children

The responses to these treatments such as IVF, AID, AIH, Surrogacy,

Fertility drugs and a few more have a varied response between

different types of Christians and different types of Muslims. Some are

for it, others against it, and others are only for certain types of

infertility treatments.

There are no specific teachings in the Bible about infertility

treatments, however the Bible was written before knowledge of medical

science. Back then people believed if they couldn’t bare children that

God would have intended it to be that way. People who couldn’t

conceive children might have felt cursed by God because they may feel

he didn’t want them to have children.

“Hannah had no children, because the Lord had kept her from having


(1 Samuel 1.2,5)

“Techniques that entail the dissociation of husband and wife, by the

intrusion of a person other than the couple are gravely immoral”

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1994

However today there are very different Christian teachings about

infertility. Only a few Christians will say that infertility is the

will of God these being fundamentalist Christians who take the Bible

literally. They are two total different viewpoints on this subject.

All Christian churches except Roman Catholic church, accept that

infertility is fine as long as its in the form of IVF and AIH which is

using the wife’s egg and the husbands sperm. Some Christians believe

that this is just helping nature along with its course and that God

gave us the knowledge to use science to benefit mankind. Part of the

purpose of marriage is procreation and they believe people who

desperately want children should be provided with the pleasure and the

joy of them. They also say that the embryos that are discarded are not

yet human beings or even foetuses so they aren’t destroying anything.

God is a God of love so anything to help those should be pursued.

However the Roman Catholic attitude is extremely different, it bans

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any form of embryo technology and is also strongly against IVF, AID

and AIH. The Catholic Church believes that its unnatural and that we

are playing God. They say every child has the right to know the

identity of their parents and be brought up by them. Any scientific

conception-taking place without sexual intercourse is condemned. They

believe any sexual act should be open to the creation of a new life,

and that the child may not be the result of a loving relationship by

using infertility treatments. There may psychological problems for the

child with them wanting to know who was the sperm donor, egg donor or

Surrogact mother was perhaps. Also they say designer babies could

result from this and do we have any right to choose what our child’s

looks, or personality are? Catholics say there are other ways to care

for children e.g. Adopt, or go into children homes to look after them.

They say this is the way God designed and planned it.

Islam believes that the purpose of marriage is procreation and if this

can not happen naturally then there isn’t any problem with being

helped along with it by using the forms of IVF or AIH. However Muslims

see little difference between AID and committing adultery which is

strictly forbidden in the Qur’an. Surrogacy is also forbidden because

the Qu’ran also teaches that nobody can be a mother to a child except

the women who carried it. Muslim men are also allowed to have up to

four wives, (however this is not allowed in this country) which makes

surrogacy unnecessary because another wife could bare the children for


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