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Christianity and Islam

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Christianity and Islam

From the origins of both Christianity and Islam to about 1500, these

separate religions withheld almost exact same morals, although the

manor each religion demonstrated themselves acknowledged a few subtle


The Christian Bible (source 1) states that the rich are not welcome

into “the kingdom of God” where as the Muslim Qur’an (source 2) says

that on the day of judgment the honest Muslim merchant will rank with

the highest of the Muslim faith. Both sources are of the religion’s

texts, and are relatively near their origins in time. It is probable

that the Christian religion was extremely hesitant to allow the elite

class in their system because at this point in time Christianity

wasn’t accepted in the Roman Empire nor supported. Both texts

demonstrate the problem with money yet each are addressing different

situations and parties. The texts represent Christianity by

consequence and Muslim by reward.

Reginald, monk of Durham(source 3) wrote in 1170 about the life of a

merchant, indirectly though, he pointed out an exception in

Christianity, in addition to this Ibn Khaldun(source 5) wrote in the

14th century about commerce and exception in trade, both exceptions

however go against their faith, and why is that? Because of change

over time. Godric, the merchant in Reginald’s piece spent a part of

his life bargaining and cheating others, in the end he gave his money

and himself to God therefore coveting his prior ways of life and

starting off with a clean slate. The exception being that if you give

yourself to God and repent, you will be forgiven. These exceptions in

both religions show that time changes many things, from something that

was so against all standards to being accepted later on.

Thomas Aquinas (source 4) regarding Christianity states that it is

altogether sinful to deceit in order to sell a thing, and in the

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Islamic court decision (source 7), members of the weaver’s guild

complain that a fellow weaver by the name of Sakaoglu Nasuh is being

unfair and buying all the yarn from the merchants for an extra price,

leaving the other weavers without yarn. Both sources focus on morals,

honor and equality. Thomas Aquinas uses a line written by Matthew to

get the point across that one should treat others as one would like to

be treated, and with that there will be “equality of justice”.

According to writing of Thomas, Nasuh is acting dishonorable, which is

what the fellow weavers summoned him to court for. The time frame that

the court hearing is occurring in and the year Tomas has written his

piece shows that time has passed from the origin of the religion yet

the morals stay the same.

Christianity and Islam like every other religion have been through

years of change and have acquired over time exceptions and at the same

time attained the same morals as in the beginning of the religion. To

further assess the consequences of the merchant’s wrong doings you

could look at the courts final decision and punishment of Sakaoglu


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