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Communal Harmony

Hindu students won quiz contest on the Prophet

Marking the assimilative culture of the country and informing attributes of the Prophet to Hindus, besides aiming to clear misconception, if any, on his life history, Hindu students won citations/cash prizes in a quiz competition (in English and Telugu), titled ‘Prophet Muhammad – Real Benefactor of Humanity’. The competition was organised by University of Hyderabad, led by Prof. Sudhakar.

2. Nation: The homeland & society – A fatwa

The renowned Islamic seminary (Darul Iftaa, Egypt) in a fatwa, (January 1, 2019) emphasized that the Muslims should have belonging to their nations, homelands and societies concerned. The religious body countering vicious propaganda by radicals/terrorists of stressing on ‘Ummah and Jihad’, guided Muslims to follow true Islamic tenets i.e. humanity, harmony and global peace, besides commitment to their land of birth.

3. Muslim Minister performs Puja : Interfaith assimilation

As an initiative to strengthen syncretic culture of the country and simultaneously countering the false propaganda of Hindu-Muslim divide, Shale Mohammad, Minister of Minority Affairs Rajasthan performed (January 02, 2019) ‘rudrabhishek’ at Shiva temple, Pokhran, Jaisalmer, amid chanting mantras/ rituals as well as wishing peace, happiness and prosperity for the people.

4. A step towards empowerment : Women on Haj without Mehram

Winning another victory towards empowerment, equal rights and dignity, Muslim women have acquired the right to undertake Haj pilgrimage at their own, without the company of a Mehram (a male family member, invariably required to be with Haj going women, below the age of 45 years, earlier), onward 2019. Muslim women have cheered the change in their favour because Haj, a must for every Muslim was also the inner will of women folk too. Subsequent, the decision in their favour, the number of women applying for Haj have increased many folds.

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