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Instances of Communal Harmony

A. Muslim family performed marriage rituals of his adopted Hindu son with full Hindu tradition

Setting an example of communal harmony, a Muslim couple from Dehradun adopted a 12-year old boy, Rakesh Rastogi, brought him up and looked after him very well. Rakesh married with a Hindu girl in February 2018 with the marriage rituals being performed in accordance with Hindu tradition by the Muslim family.

B. Hindus donate land to make a way to Masjid in Faizabad

A unique example of communal harmony and peaceful co-existence came up, as Hindus gave away land to make way for a mosque in village Thawaipur, distt. Sant Kabirnagar, which is just 150 KM away from Ayodhya’s disputed site of Ram janmbhoomi/Babri Masjid. The mosque was built in 1963 and since then the Muslim community would reach the mosque crossing vacant pieces of land. As population of the village increased, owners of many of those plots erected boundary walls, leading to closure of the path leading to the Masjid. With the effort of Gram Pardhan (a Hindu lady), a 100 metre long path for the Masjid was constructed on the land donated by four Hindus.

C. A Muslim lady helped a cancer afflicted wife of a Hindu priest

A standing example of communal harmony surfaced in District Burdhwan, West Bengal when the cancer afflicted wife of a poverty stricken Hindu Priest of a Ram Mandir at Village Kolkol, Golsi in Burdhwan was financially helped by a local Muslim lady Fazila. Fazila reiterated that Islam teaches compassion and peace.

D. A Muslim dominated village in Rajasthan is on forefront to send around 250 youths in Indian Army

Setting an example of patriotism, a Muslim populated village Dhanuri, PS Malsipur, Distt. Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan has proved true dedication and patriotism towards the nation as around 250 youths are presently serving in the Indian Army, around 350 are retired and around 17 have sacrificed their lives for the sake of country. The serving officers/soldiers from the village have been posted at forward posts and every youth of this village wishes first to join Indian army as the best career.

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