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Conference on “various issues of reserve communities’

Conference on issues of reserve communities

New Delhi: February.  In a well attended conference at India International Centre held Thursday on “various topics pertaining to reserve communities” under the aegis of OBC Commission, GNCT of Delhi, the speakers suggested that social alliance among different reserve communities should take shape. They said that it is increasingly becoming evident that only through mutual cooperation and strong bonding these communities can bargain safety, strengthen the social fabric and carve out a respectable place in the country.

The objective of the conference was to understand social dynamics and the issues of all the communities like SC, ST and OBC and encourage them to move towards social integration.

Hon’ble Minister of Social Welfare, Shri Rajender Pal Gautam remarked that communities and nations can not progress without sincere and visionary leadership, which guarantees freedom, justice and equality to people. While speaking as the chief guest, he cautioned that division after division in our society will weaken our Nation; therefore the time has come to move towards social integration to achieve our goal of powerful and prosperous nation.

He pointed out that integration of ostracized and ignored communities into mainstream is a constitutional mandate and to fulfill it we have to come together as a unity and work in unison.

He said in his speech that only social integration can decide the very fate of the ‘Idea of India’, which our freedom fighters had dearly pursued for. He appealed to the members of all reserve communities to come together and work for the social upliftment of marginalized communities.

While giving his welcome address, Shri Shamim Akhtar, Secretary, Commission for OBC stressed upon the need for nation building and emphasized that if the largest section of the society remains underprivileged, it is not possible for the Nation to achieve its rightful glory. He also hoped that this conference will be one small step towards social integration.

Shri P.S Krishnan, (Rtd.) I.A.S is among a handful of bureaucrats in the Indian Government who have committedly pursued the interests of the deprived sections of society.  He expressed his remarkable views on “Background and reasoning behind Mandal Commission and over all reservation issues and the road map ahead” while speaking, he emphasized that the condition of the SCs/STs and Minorities is no better in the country. He asked, had the idea of Dr Ambedkar been accepted in its totality? He said if we use the constitutional safeguards and mutual cooperation effectively, it would definitely help India become a real and better democracy.

Professor of Sociology in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Shri Vivek Kumar emphasized while addressing the august gathering that education, economic advancement and social well being of any community is not possible without having equal access to opportunities and development. He said that since it is the politics that decide a lot in the country, it is important for people to get united to assure social justice to all.

Social Activist and (Rtd.) I.A.S Shri P.R. Meena discussed at length failures of the present dispensation in providing security and justice to all sections and pleaded consolidation of weaker sections for carving out their own destiny in a communally driven politics. He pointed out that all independent studies and government commissions have time and again proved that Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims have been systematically marginalized in the democratic India and they need to form some sort of a lasting alliance for securing justice and equality and also for a respectable existence in India.

Shri Feroze Ahmad, Advocate, Supreme Court and Activist categorically stated that Indian Backward Muslims are truly Indians and the parity should exist with them as it exists with others.

Dr. Idrees Qureshi, Gen. Secretary, All India Muslim Backward Classes Federation, has been working for social upliftment of marginalized communities for many years.  In this conference, he emphasized that Backward Indian Muslim Castes must come under one umbrella by proclaiming their original Identity of this Country under the Law.

Shri Nandu Ram, Prof. Sociology, JNU and others have also expressed their views in the conference, while speaking to the people, they stressed that the promise of good education and desired employment to marginalized sections will remain hollow without affirmative action on the part of a responsible government.

Chairman, OBC Commission, GNCT of Delhi, Shri Hariom Dedha thanked the speakers and participants and anticipated that all marginalized communities will come closer for reconstructing a better India.


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