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Congress versus BJP: ‘Azadi’ rap songs go viral

New Delhi: Ahead of the General Election 2019, both Congress and BJP started targeting each other in each and every platform including social media.

Recently, BJP posted a rap song, “Azadi” that highlights alleged corruptions and scams during UPA rule. It shows photographs of former Telecom Minister, Mr. A. Raja. PM Modi’s speech talking about ‘Congress-mukt’ slogan was also added to the video.

On its official Twitter handle, BJP shared the rap song and wrote, “While @RahulGandhi will stay up all night wondering what new lies to peddle tomorrow morning, we leave you with this goal for 2019”.

The most interesting fact of the video is that it started with the word “Azadi” slogans which were raised in the JNU campus earlier.

Soon after this video went viral, Congress shared another version of ‘Azadi’ rap song. In Congress’s rap song, Prime Minister is shown with industrialist. The party also used speech of PM Modi. At the end of the video, Congress President Rahul Gandhi can be seen saying, ‘the day we get united, RSS, BJP, and Modi will run away’.

Congress also shared this video on Twitter and wrote, “डर के आगे आज़ादी। #Azadi”.

It may be noted that Congress is targetting BJP on various issues including, demonetization, GST, Rafael deal, unemployment. On the other hand, BJP is accusing Congress of promoting politics of dynasty.

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