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CoronaVirus: 645 evacuated Indians test negative

New Delhi: The Health Ministry’s statement on the current status of evacuated Indians from China infected with Coronavirus confirmed none of the 645 individuals have been tested positive despite arriving from the epicenter of the outbreak.

The Ministry’s statement read that as of February 6, 1,38,750
passengers from 1,265 flights had been screened for novel coronavirus illness
but no individual or no new case was detected.

So far, three cases of confirmed Cov have been reported from Kerala
and other suspected cases have been reported from other parts of the country.

Three individuals studying medicine at the Wuhan University who
returned to India recently tested positive for the virus and are stable said
the statement.

Besides, 510 samples were tested
by ICMR network laboratories, of which all had tested negative except for the
three already reported positive cases.

The statement added community
surveillance and contact tracing is undergoing by IDSP for 6,558 persons across
32 states/UTs.

The Health Ministry in
coordination with central ministries and all states/UTs is taking adequate
measures for management of nCoV in India.

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