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COVID–19 may show no symptoms, say doctors

Hyderabad: Surprisingly, one might have COVID- 19 and no symptoms can be seen. A person with COVID- 19 might not have any cough, cold, fever making it very difficult to recognize and diagnose states the health authorities.

The individual might be an alien to his or her medical status resulting in transmission of the virus to others. “It’s always better to avoid persons or acquaintances with travel history. That’s a good way to avoid Covid-19 positive patients with no symptoms. That’s the reason why social distancing measures are being encouraged,” says Superintendent, Fever Hospital, Dr. K Shankar.

For persons who are without any symptoms but are Covid-19 positive, a home quarantine for 14 days is ideal. Based on the reports and advise from a host of health agencies including CDC in USA and World Health Organisation (WHO), a person can be without any symptoms but continue to transmit the virus for anywhere between two days and four days.

On many occasions, Covid-19 positive asymptomatic persons escape testing because there are no symptoms. Public health officials worldwide have argued that it’s vital to test all foreign-returned persons just to be 100 per cent sure.

Based on analysis by public health experts worldwide, on an average, Covid-19 patients take about seven days from exposure to the novel coronavirus to show their symptoms. Typically, the range to develop symptoms is two to 14 days but a large number of Covid-19 positive patients start spreading the diseases by two to four days, before they start developing symptoms.

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