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COVID times: Where is social distancing?

Hyderabad: The outbreak of pandemic and subsequent lockdown had the most adverse effect on the poor and still poorer daily wage workers.

The Telangana government had promised to give them a few kilograms of rice, wheat, and jawar and also some money in March. But nothing was given until a day or two ago.

When the government ration shops opened to give away grains to the white ration card holders, long serpentine queues were seen at the distribution centers.

On one hand, the government had been asking everyone to follow social distancing and enforcing at some places with the help of the police the concept was nowhere to be seen near the ration shops. People formed lines without leaving any space leaving between them.

Where is social distancing? Where are the masks? Where is the police?

As per the directions from chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao, the distribution of 12 kg rice was kicked off on Wednesday. Tens of thousands of poor with their white rations cards are being the promised ration at designated shops.

Though the distribution of ration is over, the promised Rs. 1500 are nowhere to be seen.

The people in queues are seen fighting with each other. That is the result of ‘body closeness’, the summer heat and dissimilar ideas.

“I am asking people to maintain a distance but none of them are ready to listen,” said a ration shop distributor at Tolichowki.

“Koi bhi nahi sunre tu mai kiya karrun? Jaldi jaldi ration diye tu chale jatiu mai,”  said an old lady in the queue. This roughly, means that none of them are ready to listen. She urges the distributors to give rice quickly so that she leaves.

“Masks lagana nahi arra meku. Aur mask  rakhe tho saans leena nahi arra (I am not able to wear the mask. When put it on, I am not able to breath), said an old man standing in a queue for ration.

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