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Critical for India to empower Muslims through education: Frank Islam

Many Muslims in India remain economically disadvantaged and for the country to achieve full potential it is critical to empower them through education, an eminent Indian-American philanthropist has said. Frank Islam, while speaking at a gathering of Indian- Americans here to celebrate the 200th birth anniversary of Aligarh Muslim University founder Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, said, “In spite of the begrudging progress, too many Muslims in India remain socially, educationally and economically disadvantaged.” Noting that much has been accomplished in India, the entrepreneur said still much needs to be done and this was especially true for Muslims and other minorities.

Islam, an alumnus of the Aligarh Muslim University, said, “They confront hostility and open prejudice which in turn fuels frustration and desperations. The statistics on Muslims in poverty and without education there are stunning.” Too many Muslim families are trapped in poverty because of lack of education, Islam said. “There is a critical need to empower Muslims through education in order for India to achieve its full potential,” he said.

The stage is being set in India for change to work toward Sir Syed’s vision of peaceful coexistence, collaboration and communal harmony, he said at the event attended by eminent Indian-Americans.

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