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Demolition of Babri Masjid, a bitter memory which must be forgotten; time to move on

Twenty-eight years ago, on 6th December 1992 thousands of bitter memories were notoriously knitted in Indian history, when a large mob of radicals moved towards the city of Ayodhya and demolished the 400 years old historical mosque known as ‘Babri Masjid’, claiming it to be the sacred birthplace of Lord Shri Ram. The event turned into a sudden catastrophe and was followed by the massive clashes which erupted in different parts of the country in which more than two thousand people lost their lives which was the notorious Mumbai bomb blasts in 1993. All these disrupted the communal harmony prevalent in India and invisibly drew a communal contour between the Hindus and Muslims and marked the beginning of a new contemporary India.

Despite facing a tough time, Indian Muslims should have to move on as the Ayodhya dispute already destroyed the social integrity of the country and snatched away hundreds of innocent lives as well engaged Muslims ir mental trauma. The dispute created extreme hatred between both thf communities since the contemporary era which resulted in numerou: clashes. Now, it is the responsibility of Muslims to accept the verdict c Supreme Court by heart and need to move on as the dispute alread ruined many lives and left a trauma in their mind. Muslims should sta focusing on the integrity of the country as the incidence weaved hundrec of the harsh memories in the mind of both Hindus and Muslims.

One may ask, why Muslims? The answer lies in teachings of Islam. Hatr< attracts hatred. Islam spread in the Indian peninsula largely through tl peaceful teachings of Sufi saints. It was the patience of Propf Muhammad which helped in conquering Mecca without drawing a swo Indian Muslims need to let go of the bitter memory and focus on the bri< future ahead which can only be achieved through education & employme Clinging to the past would only fan hatred which would bring destructi Whether right or wrong, Babri Masjid was demolished & cannot reconstructed. What can be constructed is a bridge of faith & harrw which would bring peace & strengthen the integrity of India.

As the Qu says:
“lakum deenukum wa liya deen – To you be your religion, and to me religion” —~ Surah al-Kafiroon [109]

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