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Despite iniquity of vested interests, Indians have stayed united

Efforts by British Raj, Religious fanatics, Extra-territorial ideologues, etc. to divide the people of India and to create fissures in her syncretic culture have so far been utter fiasco, however in contrary, further fortified their inter-faith harmony and traditional brotherly equations. The words of Claude Auchinleck, former commander-in-chief of the British Indian Army, “The Punjabi is as different from a Madarassi as a Scot is from and Italian. The British tried to consolidate it but achieved nothing permanent. No one can make a nation out of continent of many nations” and of the appealer of Ghazba-tul-Hind, terming India ‘Dar-ul-Harb’, requiring a Jihad as per ‘Kitab-e-Dajjal’ or of Chinese communist defining 1962 War as an effort to liberate Indian proletariat, may be aptly quoted for proving the vicious efforts by these messengers of Doom to fragment the country on the basis of Religion, Ideology, Political Superiority, etc.

The country had stayed united with a vibrant democratic structure, due to foresightedness of Republic’s founders ensuring personal as well as religious rights of every citizen even in turbulent periods since 70 years Post-independence. Politically, we have recognized the principle of one (person) one vote and one vote one value. Several times in the past, a miniscule section of the society have become radicalized due to venomous bites by false Jihadis or masked personal liberty sloganeers, albeit inner bonding among Indians beyond their religious beliefs and historical inter-dependence flopped such efforts and the country remained one as well as continuously progressing to attain the seat of a viable world power. Every Indian, whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian is proud of his Indian identity and vice-versa the country is proud of her every citizen irrespective of his status.

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