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Does ISIS Rule by The Shari’ah?

In Islamic theology, Sharia is the road to Jinnah (paradise). It literally translates as ‘the way’ and refers to Islamic laws that govern religious rituals and everyday life (e.g. prayers, hygiene and diet). Ill-informed Muslims as well as sympathisers of Islamic State (ISIS) often claim that although ISIS are from the clan of Khwarij, they rule by the Shari’ah. Any sane and informed Muslim know about the fallacy of the statement. Extremist organisations like ISIS never rule by the Shari’ah. If they ruled by the Shari’ah they wouldn’t do what they do, like rebelling against the Muslim ruler and holding the general mass. of Muslims to be disbelievers. Additionally, they have other issues that oppose the Shari’ah such as burning. Whoever they rule with a death sentence, they burn them with fire. So, they contradict the statement of the Messenger of Allah:

‘Verily Allah has prescribed excellence in all things. So when you kill. kill proficiently. And when you slaughter, slaughter with proficiency and benevolence.’

[From the hadeeth of Abu Ya’ala Shaddad ibn Aws; Gathered in the Saheeh of Imaam Muslim]

This Sahih Hadees shows that execution is to be done with the sword, and this is ultimately determined (and can only be determined) by the Muslim ruler. Thus, ISIS are from the Khawarij and at variance with the consensus of the Muslims.

There is consensus upon killing the Khawarij and the Rawaqfidh if they

oppose the main body of the Muslims (the Jamaa’ah).

~~Ibn Taymiyyah

It is common to distinguish between the greater jihad (the inner struggle to become a better Muslim) and the lesser jihad (the military struggle). The jihad ‘of the sword’ is in the traditional meaning of Islam a defensive war that should be waged only on Muslim territory. Armed struggle is part of the classical interpretation of jihad- but as a duty of the state when under attack, not as an individual responsibility. Jihad is not about going to another country as IS have done. They go to another country to attack, say it’s in God’s name, and that’s what people have started to think is jihad. People misunderstand and it’s so bad because that’s what’s being shown in the media. When 0.000005% of Muslims in the world do something terrible they show it as a representation of all of Islam. Muslims therefore, must restrain from joining or supporting these organisations as not only they are against the teachings of Islam but also malign the overall peaceful version of Islam.

Islam says that Muslims should respect all religions whether they agree with the religion or not. So it’s not like, ‘if a person is a Hindu, kill him’. No, Islam never teaches that. Try to understand the person from other religion and if you don’t agree, respect that he thinks like that and he will respect that you think differently and then everybody can get along much better. It must be remembered that you can’t change everything. You can’t get everyone to agree with you. Everyone has different opinions about what is right and wrong. As famously said in Islam- there is no compulsion in religion; its time that organisations like ISIS must be devoid of any support so that they die a natural death.

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