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Don’t fight hate with hate

There is a group active in our country which proudly calls itself Hindu, and tries to prove itself Indian. They roam about street to street donning saffron attire. But in fact, the people belonging to this group do not do all this for love of Hinduism but in hate of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Dalits. If they had love for Hinduism they would have propagated tolerance, peace and patience. If they had love for their country they would have decorated the streets with flowers, not with dead bodies.

One such extremist belonging to this group booked an Ola cab but when he got the message that the driver Masood Aalam is reaching to pick him up. He cancelled the cab saying he didn’t want to give money to any Jihadi. He didn’t stop there. He proudly uploaded his reply on social media. He was hailed by the likeminded people. However, the conscious, mature and decent citizens, irrespective of religion strongly condemned the act.

But such hate-mongering people don’t get affected by such condemnation because they want to spread hatred in the society. They want to invoke the emotional foolish Muslims to abuse them so that they become famous among extremists Hindus. Hence Muslims should not overreact to such posts and shouldn’t write hateful comments on the posts against Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Dalits. All Indians should together stop such hate mongers hence if they write anything insulting to any religion, don’t write anything wrong against their religion. They actually want to provoke you in order to attack their religious faith so that secular Hindus, who are the source of existence in the country, should also develop hate against you.

This is the group which divided Hindus and Muslims in the country, they carried out bloodshed among Sikhs, this group burned alive Christian missionaries, this group made the lives of Dalit agonizing. Now this group is oppressing women which will lead to the gender war.

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