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EcoSikh sets up 850 Guru Nanak Sacred Forests in Punjab, other states


Environment organization EcoSikh on Friday announced the completion of 850 Guru Nanak Sacred Forests in 56 months in Punjab and six other states.

Each forest has 550 trees of native species, totalling 4,70,000 trees planted so far.

In addition, EcoSikh stated that its team has the capacity to plant 100 such forests every month.

In Punjab, 650 such forests have already come up under the reforestation drive of EcoSikh. It has also requested the Punjab government to adopt Miyawaki methodology (Japanese methodology) for growing forests, a statement by the environment organisation.

Rajwant Singh, Global President of EcoSikh, said, “We had started this initiative in February 2019 in celebration of Guru Nanak’s 550th birth-anniversary and EcoSikh had committed to plant one million trees. We have almost reached the halfway point this month and this journey has been amazing so far.”

EcoSikh has worked with individuals, gurdwaras, educational institutions and industry to plant these forests to achieve its declared goal.

Charan Singh, an industrialist from Maharashtra and Sacred Forest Convener, said, “Guru Nanak Sacred Forests will bring tremendous benefits to the industry, making our businesses look greener than the competitors.”

He said the industry must grab this opportunity and join hands with EcoSikh to turn the tide of climate change.

“Collectively we will make a huge impact by planting and maintaining millions of native trees.”

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