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Eight students of MS qualify for NDA

Hyderabad: In a competitive examination conducted by the UPSC for admission into National Defense Academy (NDA) eight students of MS Education Society of Hyderabad have qualified.

It may be mentioned that NDA imparts
training to the candidates for Armed Forces.

Every year 4.5 lakh students take
this test, out of which only 600 are declared passed. The eight candidates who
passed this test are

  1. Saleem Aslam (1002086)
  2. Shaneeb, K (1009157)
  3. Mohammed Sinan (1010025)
  4. Mohammed Shurai (1001398)
  5. Nashwan Nawras (1002338)
  6. Umayr Mohammed Burhan Surty (1006273)
  7. Mohammed Affan Savanur (1010595)
  8. Omer Farooq Ahmed (1005829)

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