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European publisher Springer includes articles on Allama Mashriqi & Tazkirah in New Encyclopedia


By Nasim Yousaf

Springer, a globally recognized and well-respected publishing company (originally founded in Germany in 1842), has included articles on Allama Mashriqi and Tazkirah in its recently published Encyclopedia of Indian Religions. The encyclopedia is a comprehensive work comprised of multiple volumes that took over 5 years to produce. The articles on Mashriqi and Tazkirah were written by Mashriqi’s grandson, scholar and historian Nasim Yousaf, and are contained in the volume entitled Islam, Judaism and Zoroastrianism.

Springer is a renowned international publisher with more than 2,900 journals and 250,000 books covering a range of topics from Astronomy to Computer Science to Social Sciences. Authors and contributors to Springer’s publications include highly accomplished individuals – including Nobel Prize Laureates – across multiple fields.


About Allama Mashriqi: Mashriqi was a world-famous mathematician, Islamic scholar, and revolutionary. Mashriqi fought bravely to liberate the Indian sub-continent from British rule. As a student, Mashriqi was a genius who broke academic records at both the University of Punjab and the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). He later became a Fellow at the most prestigious scholarly societies of Europe and also emerged as one of the most educated politicians of his time. In 1943, Indian writer Hiralal Seth wrote in his book (“The Khaksar Movement Under Searchlight and the Life Story of its Leader Allama Mashraqi”):

“In the Indian political field, and in this we include the [Indian National] Congress as well as the [All-India] Muslim League, there is no such leader who has had an exceptionally brilliant academic career. Allama Mashraqi is the only political leader of India who has this distinction.”

A talented leader like him, who completely devoted his life to uniting people regardless of faith and uplifting the masses, is born once in centuries.

About Tazkirah: Tazkirah, authored by Mashriqi, interprets the Holy Quran from a scientific perspective. While writing this book, Mashriqi used his vast multi-disciplinary knowledge of Islam and other religions, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Mechanical Sciences, and Oriental languages (now commonly known as Asian languages). The book drew tremendous interest from both the East and the West. In 1925, intellectuals and famous personalities from British India and Europe nominated Tazkirah for the Nobel Prize in Literature. These men included Sahibzada Aftab Ahmed Khan (Vice Chancellor of Aligarh University), Sir Abdul Qadir, Sir Fazal Hussain, Professor Maison of France, and Dr. Sohaddon (Professor of Geography). Distinguished Professor Reynold Alleyne Nicholson of the University of Cambridge also translated Tazkirah and sent a copy to Mashriqi.


About the Author: Scholar and historian Nasim Yousaf, who lives in the USA, has been conducting research on South Asian history for approximately two decades. During this time, his works have been published in books, prestigious academic journals and encyclopedias, and in newspapers around the world. Among his most valuable contributions is a digital compilation of Allama Mashriqi’s historic weekly newspaper, Al-Islah. His books are available in renowned research libraries across multiple continents (from Asia to Africa to Europe to the Americas), including the Library of Congress, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, McGill, Cambridge, Oxford, SOAS, and the National Libraries of Australia, Scotland, and Sweden. More information about the author is available on the internet and on social media

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