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Ex-wife Jemima slams Imran’s government for sacking Ahmadi Muslim economist

43-year-old Dr Atif R Mian is a Professor of Economics in the University of Princeton, United States.

LONDON: Jemima Goldsmith, former wife of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched an attack on her ex-husband for sacking economist because of his Ahmadi Muslim faith.

Ms Goldsmith, 44, a leading columnist and campaigner in the UK took to her official social media account and tweeted her disappointment at Khan’s apparent bowing to far-right pressure to remove Mian over his Ahmadi faith.

“Indefensible & v [very] disappointing. New Pak gov asks renowned & respected Prof of economics to stand down because of his Ahmadi faith,” Ms Goldsmith said in a message posted on Twitter on Friday.

“NB [Note]: The founder of Pakistan, ‘Quaid-i-Azam’ (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) appointed an Ahmadi as his Foreign Minister,” she said.

The newly formed Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government has axed economist Atif R Mian from the PM Imran Khan-led Economic Advisory Council (EAC).

Senator Faisal Javed Khan put out a tweet informing that Dr Mian “was asked to step down from the Advisory council.”

Observers believe the decision to remove the Princeton University economist reflects the country’s strong bias against minority Ahmadi community. Dr Mian is an Ahmadi, whose appointment to the country’s top economic body raised eyebrows of several religio-political leaders, particularly from the Majlis-e-Tahaffuz-e-Khatme Nabuwwat Movement and the Majlis-i-Ahrar Islam.

Ahmadis or Ahmadiyya are a minority sect, which identifies itself as Muslim. But most Pakistanis reject them as blasphemous for believing there was a prophet after Muhammad. The community faces persecution in the country and is a target of violence and widespread discrimination, especially from religious fanatics.

The removal comes close on the heels of PTI-led government defending the academic’s nomination to the EAC, stressing that it will “not bow to extremists”.

According to the Dawn, Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhary had told media persons on Tuesday that “Pakistan belongs as much to minorities as it does to the majority.”

He added, “What should we do with the minorities in the country? Should we throw them out?”

Three days later, Chaudhary took a U-turn. He tweeted, “The government wants to move forward alongside scholars and all social groups, and it is inappropriate if a single nomination creates an impression to the contrary.”

43-year-old Dr Atif R Mian is a Professor of Economics in the University of Princeton, United States.

In an op-ed titled ‘Dr Atif Mian the pride of Pakistan’ Busharat Elahi Jamil writes, “International Monetary Fund (IMF) ranked him (Dr Mian) amongst the top 25 economists of the World. He has taught in reputable universities like the University of Chicago, University of California, Berkeley and now is proudly teaching in the Princeton University.”

The op-ed further mentions, “Pakistan’s external debt and liabilities have increased to $ 92 billion, out of which $14 billion were borrowed last year. Reportedly, public-debt has increased about 43 per cent to $23 billion during last five years.”

Imran Khan’s government constituted the EAC, with 11 national and international economists, to fire-fight this financial crisis.

“He belongs to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, living in US and is a true patriot of Pakistan. But regrettably, fundamentalists and radicalised religious stratums are against his selection because of his sect,” Jamil says in the article.

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